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Archaeological & Historical Tours

Archaeological & Historical Tours

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Archaeological & Historical Tours CRASL works with Israeli and US travel and tourism professionals to support Israeli archaeological and historic studies by US youth, young professionals, families, and people of all ages seeking a more enriching experience linking their traditional ideals with the sites and sounds and life of modern Israel.

CRASL brings more depth to standardized tours which bring tourists to Israel, by bringing in nighttime lectures and studies, exposing the visitors to exciting historical and archaeological sites that are not on the normal tour bus trail, and overall to bring in elements which are transformational in nature so that the experience becomes more than a vacation, but a pivotal point of reference in their lives. Dr. Jessie Pincus and her associates comprise part of this educational layer of experience.

S U M M E R   •   I S R A E L

Participate in a real summer dig Participate in a real summer dig

Experience Biblical Archaeology up close and personal

Summer in Israel Summer in Israel Summer in Israel


for families, students, and young professionals

Contact us for Working Itinerary if you are interested in participating
in our 21 Day Summer Combo Tour
3 weeks to include real summer archaeological experience
with touring mixed in!

This is an opportunity to have experiences you've never had, including being on the inside learning about Israeli archaeology projects, and perhaps participate in a real geoarchaeological survey.

Come with the familiarity of a local group, with touring north and south worked into your itinerary.

Places are open!
Meet others with like interests.
Ask about options for College Credits.

Come to the Kotel - the Heart of Jerusalem

Check out our 14-day or our 10-day Israel Uncovered Family Tour!

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10-day Tour Click here for 10 Day Israel Uncovered Famly Tour

Israel and the Southern Levant, with Jerusalem at its center, has for millenia been the core of Western Civilization, sitting as it does at the crossroads of the forces of conflict and social dynamics that have long moved the world.

We can help you, your family, friends, or group, to set an exciting agenda in Israel, including affordable accommodations and meals, visiting historical sites accompanied by State of Israel licensed guides, and if you are of the mind, you can participate in ongoing excavations for a number of days or weeks. We will arrange for you or members of your group to participate with us at select archaeological sites, attend lectures, dine with us and our professional associates, including well known archaeologists and Bible Land scholars.

Tour and explore the places where history unfolded and visit the Holy Sites with us. We have a cadre of expert tour guides whose knowledge and familiarity will provide you with a visit you will never forget. We can take you places you could never dream of finding by yourself.

If you would like to participate in archaeological discovery then we can set you up to assist in various exciting archaeological excavations. Take a look at some of the projects we are involved in.

You don't have to be a student, or part of any particular group to have a meaningful encounter with Israel and the Southern Levant.

We can custom build a vacation, educational, or historic visit for you to Israel that you will never forget.

Smell it, Touch it, Taste it.

Smell the Sea of Galilee Touch the Old City of Jerusalem Taste the delicious Middle Eastern cuisine

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